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The Art of Indulgence – Volcanica Coffee at Chateau Elan Hotel

The Art of Indulgence – Volcanica Coffee at Chateau Elan Hotel


Nestled in North Georgia's rolling foothills, Chateau Elan isn't just a hotel; it's an award-winning winery and culinary haven that promises an experience. With a rich wine history proudly showcased in daily tours and tastings, the establishment prides itself on offering the very best to its visitors. But while their wine was capturing hearts, there was a need to match this excellence in their coffee offerings.


To elevate the coffee program at Chateau Elan, ensuring it resonates with the hotel's commitment to quality, luxury, and the finest guest experiences.

The Collaboration:

Chateau Elan recognized that when offering Georgia's best wines, the coffee needed to be on par. This belief led them to Volcanica Coffee. In collaboration with Chateau Elan's Food and Beverage team, Volcanica Coffee embarked on tailoring a coffee program that would perfectly complement the hotel's ethos.

Key Features of the Coffee Program:

  • Bean Selection: 100% Arabica, sourced strictly from high-altitude regions, ensuring the most exquisite flavor profile.
  • Freshness Guaranteed: Each batch roasted freshly upon order, promising a fresh cup every time.
  • Modern Indulgences: Introduction of Cold Brew on tap, providing guests with a modern, refreshing coffee experience.
  • Convenience: An efficient delivery service, ensuring that Chateau Elan's coffee needs were always met on time.

The Experience:

Chateau Elan's statement encapsulates the transformation: "Volcanica Coffee and Chateau Elan have joined forces to offer a unique sensory journey like no other! Blending the distinctive allure of Volcanica Coffee's handpicked, volcanic-origin beans with Chateau Elan's desire for the best guest experience, this partnership promises to redefine the art of indulgence. Taste the rich and decadent flavors of Volcanica Coffee at Le Petit Café today."


The collaboration between Chateau Elan and Volcanica Coffee illustrates the magic that happens when two brands committed to excellence come together. For guests of Chateau Elan, the morning coffee or the after-dinner espresso now stands as a testament to luxury, quality, and the promise of an unmatched experience – much like every other aspect of their stay.

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