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A Cuban Coffee Journey: How Cubano's ATL Became the Talk of Atlanta with Volcanica Coffee

A Cuban Coffee Journey: How Cubano's ATL Became the Talk of Atlanta with Volcanica Coffee


When Ozzy, the enthusiastic owner of Cubano's ATL, approached Volcanica Coffee, he had a vision. He wanted to replicate the rich taste and cultural resonance of the traditional Cuban coffee blends he had experienced in Miami's bustling cafes. As the heart of Cubano’s ATL, coffee not only served as a beverage but as a representation of Cuban heritage and an unforgettable taste journey for his customers.


To craft a unique Cuban Coffee Espresso Blend capturing the authentic essence of Miami's Cuban coffee culture suitable for Cubano’s ATL.

The Collaboration:

Together with Ozzy and his dedicated team, Volcanica Coffee embarked on a mission to curate the perfect blend. Multiple tasting sessions and bean sourcing trips later, the 'Miami Espresso Blend' was born. This blend is a harmonious amalgamation of beans from Brazil, Colombia, and Guatemala.

Product Specifications:

  • Name: Miami Espresso Blend (Café Cubano)
  • Inspiration: Traditional Cuban Coffee espresso blend resonant of Miami's cafes.
  • Flavor Profile: A rich melding of chocolate and caramel, culminating in a nutty finish.
  • Roast: Dark roasted, ensuring depth and boldness in flavor.
  • Processing: Washed processed whole beans to maintain authenticity.
  • Freshness: Immediate packing and sealing post-roasting to ensure that every cup brewed is fresh and flavorful.
  • Quality Assurance: 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Outcomes and Impact:

The introduction of the Miami Espresso Blend was not just a product addition for Cubano's ATL, it was a transformation. The blend, with its robust flavor profile, became an instant hit among customers.

The unique taste of the Miami Espresso Blend played a pivotal role in bolstering Cubano’s ATL’s reputation, making it synonymous with authentic Cuban coffee in Atlanta. From a single quaint coffee and sandwich shop in Sandy Springs, GA, Cubano's ATL expanded its footprint to five thriving locations.

Ozzy’s Vision Realized:

For Ozzy, it was vital that every customer, regardless of which branch they visited, experienced the rich tradition of Cuban coffee. The Miami Espresso Blend, created in collaboration with Volcanica Coffee, became a signature offering at all his locations.


The partnership between Cubano’s ATL and Volcanica Coffee is a testament to the wonders of collaboration and the power of a well-crafted blend. It's not just about the beans; it's about the story, the heritage, and the shared commitment to excellence. Today, thanks to the Miami Espresso Blend, every sip at Cubano's ATL is a journey straight to the heart of Miami's Cuban coffee culture.


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